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PowerampControl Pro SmartWatch

1.99 usd

Sony SmartWatch and SmartWatch 2 extension for PowerAMP audio player.Try new app - Foursquare client for SmartWatch:SmartSquare for SmartWatch 2
Now extension is compatible with SmartWatch 2, and use new features of SmartWatch 2, such as smoothly scrollable lists, menu and hardware buttons for navigation.
You need installed PowerAMP audio player on your phone. Do not buy this app if you have not installed PowerAMP!
Paid version features:- View playlists and folders directly on the watch- Album cover dsiplay* and album name(optional)- Shuffle и Repeat modes switch (on SW2, hold to turn off Shuffle or Repeat)- Screen Control feature "wake up" smartwatch when you put hand up to view track info (currently not working on SmartWatch2 due to limitations in SDK)- Track rewinding (long press on next/prev)- Control Poweramp direct over API that provides fast response- PrevNext buttons for Playlists or Folders- Volume control swipe updown
*Note, that incorrect album cover displaying when phone is locked due to limitations of poweramp API.For correct album cover displaying set this options in Poweramp settings: - Album Art -> Download Album Art - Album Art -> Also Search By Title/Filename - Album Art -> Prefer Downloaded Album Art
If you have questions or suggestions about adding new features to the application, send me an email at
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